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Welcome to the MAA AED page
The MAA is again hosting a FREE AED training & certification course this winter for any interested members.
This course is available to any adult member (a parent/guardian of a child participating in a
current MAA sponsored sports program). Perspective MAA managers and coaches - please take note of the references below regarding coach selections and AED certification. As a typical certification is good for only two years, if you did not attend a training session in 2012, then you would have to attend one before the start of your child's pending sports season.Training sessions are scheduled for early February. Select either of the dates listed below and register through the MAA website - www.mineolaaa.org
Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 2013 @ 6pm at the MAA House at Willis Ave Ballfields North end of the Village parking lot behind 110 Willis Ave. (Day-Op Center Saturday, Feb. 9th, 2013 @ 9:30am at Mineola Community Center / Village Hall 155 Washington Ave., Mineola (between Mineola Blvd. and Willis Ave For those not familiar with the term, an AED (automated external defibrillator) is a portable medical device used to diagnose and treat heart related emergencies. With the basic training provided in this single 3-4 hour session you will learn how to operate this very simple life saving device. Over the past 10+ years the proper use of AED's have been proven to save many people, from children to seniors, who experience sudden emergency cardiac problems. Many public facilities (schools, restaurants, office buildings, etc.) now have AED units available Since the inception of our own AED / First Aid program in 2006, the MAA has maintained a strong position regarding the safety of all families involved in our sports programs through the use of current safety technology . Some of the steps taken annually to assure the well being of kids and adults alike include
The MAA owns and maintains several AED units that are located at Wilson Park and the Willis Ave ballfields.
There are also provisions to have units travel with teams to other facilities both within Mineola and out of town
The present By-Laws of the MAA stress that ALL managers and coaches in every program shall have current AED training & certification. Those volunteers that are AED certified will receive preferred treatment in the filling of team staff positions as they will be assigned to a coaching staff before non-certified volunteers are considered
Unlike most of the other youth sports programs in surrounding communities, the MAA hosts
FREE training sessions for any/all adult members in a local venue. Many other programs have their members travel outside thier community for training and/or charge fees for training sessions
The MAA has joined with Little League Baseball and LI Junior Soccer to have our adult coaching staff members be reviewed thru various child protection program personal background checks as added prevention of child abusers in our ranks If you have any questions or comments about the program, contact AED@mineolaaa.org
Space is limited for each AED training & certification course, so please register asap through the MAA website - www.mineolaaa.org Thanks for your support Mineola AA - AED Training Committee
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